Challenge Packs!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


That's exactly how I feel about it, from that pic above! Today was Day 2-Plyometric Cardio Circuit-and it was a DOOZY! The following are my notes immediately following the workout!

"THAT was hard. I know I'll be feeling that one later. I keep looking at my glass that had my recovery drink in it, and I keep thinking it was full, but in reality, I already drank it...dang it. I am still sweating, even though I've been done for 20 minutes. But I feel like I just climbed Mount Everest! I know later I will think back and just be proud of myself, and seriously, even though I was cussing at the TV just a couple minutes ago..I am SO looking forward to tomorrow's workout! I am SO happy to be spending the rest of the day with my family at the beach, and just relaxin'! Woot!"

So there you have it. I'll be blogging my workouts and taking pics along the way. It has not dissapointed me at all so far!


Jen said...

Love the pic! Love the expression! So...was there really a pool of your own sweat? :o)

kelsey said...

I feel like a stalker to leave 2 comments in a row, but i'm so excited about your blog! you are apparently one day ahead of me, which is fun bc ill know what to expect. you have me nervous for tomorrow

Alissa said...

Okay, so I just bought Insanity! I went through your page... hope it was credited to you! I'm excited for it! It'll be my fall challenge for myself!

Michael said...

I apologize in advance. I laughed when I saw that picture. That's because I looked SO MUCH worse when I tried Plyo Cardio. :))

Looking forward in reading your adventures with Insanity.

I just got my copy of Cardio Intervals in from OoO Volume 2 in the mail yesterday. I'm excited to try it. =D

Demi Eliese said...

Jen-YES, there was multiple pools of sweat everywhere! NUTSO!!! Perfect for me, LOL!

Kelsey-I don't mind, I love stalkers! LOL Keep in touch-I tried going to your blog but it wouldn't let me. I'll be doing day 3 today, and I'll blog about it later! Let me know how it goes for you too!

Michael-I laugh everytime I see that pic too! No worries, I love laughing at myself, lol! You can't go wrong with any of TH's OOO's or Insanity, or any product that Beachbody sells really! Again-keep in touch! :) :)

((HUGS)) to all of you peeps!! XOXO!

Demi Eliese said...

Oh and Alissa-I left a comment on your blog-CAN'T wait for you to start it! I have a feeling you're going TO LOVE IT!!!

kelsey said...

man...just finished day 2. definitely had to rest on the ski abs parts. wow. it'll be interesting to see if eventually i can make it through without pausing as calves are insanely sore from yesterday..that was probably the hardest part for me- i was dying in the warm up and knew it was going to be a long 30 min. did you experience this?

just for background, i have been doing turbojam videos for about a year now, and i just finished the ChaLEAN extreme 3 month circuit...thought i was in shape/stronger than ever, but these dvd's are going to be very trying. hope i can make it was so intense... i like a hard workout, but not sure ill be able to stay completely motivated 6 days a week! ill keep you posted...knowing someone else is doing it really helps.