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Monday, August 3, 2009

I GAVE IN....TO INSANITY...The Beachbody program :)

Yeah, so I ordered it today. I have too many people asking me about it, and I need to know first hand as a coach so I can pass my true experience of the matter, not only to others, but to the coaches in my downline who haven't done it..yet (LOL).

While I will review every workout here and on my blog-I want you guys to know that I won't be doing just Insanity, I will still be doing P90X and P90X+ workouts so I don't lose my muscle me crazy but I am a chick that likes my biceps, triceps, forearms, calves and everything I've been working to show. I don't want to be stick thin--which is what's going to happen with my body (just from personal experience) if I just do cardio for 2 months. I like veins, I like pumps, and I like to flex. :P So I will come up with a hybrid including at least 2 Insanity workouts a week. I'll consider them my main cardio sessions. But as good ol' Chalene says: "MUSCLE BURNS FAT" --but Tony also says: "Variety is the spice of Life." I believe them both and will be doing a monstrosity of a mix. :)

All I can say is I LOVE BEACHBODY PROGRAMS and the mix that is available to the public and fighting the trend of obesity. THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!

LOVE love you guys/gals--Demi Bean


Christina said...

Can't wait to read your updates about Insanity. Jeremy and I will be right behind you eventually because you're absolutely right about coaches needing to be knowledgeable about all the Beachbody programs. Good luck getting insane chica!

Jen said...

YAY! I am anxious to hear your review too! It looks crazy-good. I wish BB would let coaches rent the DVD's (like Blockbuster online) so we could try them but not have to BUY them all. Sure I'd love to have them in my library...but I just can't afford to purchase ALL of them. I guess once you have them could start renting yours least to me! ;o)
Love ya and GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...


I am reading a lot about beachbody program. I have found different reviews. Your beachbody story truly inspires me.


Anonymous said...

What's the diet for this like compared to p90x? I heard that it's 200 calories or less per meal. Is that true?

Demi Eliese said...

OH def not "anonymous."! I'm actually on a 3,000 calorie diet just so I don't lose 10 lbs a week on this program! Some people actually have because it's hard to get in that many pretty much have to eat ever 2 hours, so if I'm not hungry, I'll down a high calorie protein shake, or snack constantly, along with huge meals. I've only lost 2 lbs since starting, which is the furthest I want to go with weight loss-but my body shape-the butt, thighs, abs,'s changed. People say I look more like a pro-volleyball player, and very lean. Where as before I was still in great shape, but more "muscley." But more importantly-I'm in the best cardio/power strength-shape of my whole entire life. Which I love!