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Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 4-INSANITY-Cardio Recovery

It was day 4, and it was Cardio Recovery day. I wasn't expecting much "recovery" from what I've been going through so far...but I gotta say it was nice. Alot of stretching, and alot of muscle focus on the legs-no wonder why-the program screams "POWER NEEDED" in the legs! So there was ALOT of burning, but followed by nice feeling stretches. I felt great afterwards!

So that brought me to my Upper body workout. I thought that I would pick a day that I felt really good on the program-enough to where I could do some slinging of the weights for the upper body. Cardio Recovery days it is! It felt good, not too hard on my system-and it was great seeing Tony Horton on my TV again. <3. Ha. I also added "Killer Abs" at the end of that, which felt nice as well. I don't feel "bonky" at all, I feel like I just had a nice, workout, not too strenuous, but good. Which I hear I will need for "Pure Cardio" tomorrow! I hear it's a monster-I'll be sure to share my thoughts on it as you know! :)

Peace out-DB


kelsey said...

do you use Shakeology? I'm interested. Can you tell me more about it?

Demi Eliese said...

Sure can Kelsey-It's the first and last "shake" you'll ever drink! It's 40 bucks worth of fruits and veggies put into each glass! And it comes in 2 delicious flavors-chocolate and greenberry. You can get it directly through my website on my Beachbody blog (just click on it), and go to "nutrition." It should be a featured product so you should see it right away. If you get it on Home direct it also comes with free shipping. You can email me directly at if you have more questions, :).