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Monday, August 10, 2009


So I have a pretty full day tomorrow-and I felt pretty good after doing Cardio Recovery and Upper I did Pure Cardio from the INSANITY program this afternoon. Yeah, I'm crazy. :)

Pure Cardio is AMAZING! I loved it, even though it was the HARDEST cardio ever crammed into 20 was great when it was over and I felt AWESOME! Some parts were fun, I love the football drills, and the sweat I had POURING!

I had a meeting with a photographer downtown, and I was showing him my INSANITY package-and I left it at his office! Aaaah! So just in the nick of time I had Tony Horton's Cardio Core Ball Sandwich in the mail waiting for me, and I'm so excited to do it tomorrow! It looks like a hard, fun great Tony time which I've been missing terribly! <3

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Michael said...

Isn't there a warning that states that you should follow the Insanity program exactly and not try to perform more workouts than recommended? (one workout a day!)

-Your concerned followers

Demi Eliese said...

:) Michael-Cardio Recovery is exactly that-there is no cardio in it, it's 30 minutes of stretching. I knew I wasn't going to be able to do Insanity today, so I doubled up. I've done it before with other programs and when I've competed in figure comp's...I know when to say "when" :) and, I feel totally fine today and slept great which always let's me know if I overdid it. It's not the hardest thing out there. Thanks for your concern! <3