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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 3 Cardio Resistance-INSANITY

Again--HOLY CRAP--THAT WAS INSANE. It lives up to the name. I almost lost my salvation many, many times during that. J/k but seriously! That was SO HARD!! Puddles of sweat EVERYWHERE!

I thought MANY times I was going to have to stop-but I gotta admit, Shaun T is uber motivating, and the music ROCKS, and I made it! I would absolutely suggest hitting pause at the end of the workouts though, until your HR is back in the 120's, and then go into his stretch routine. This series is really making me question my athletic ability, but I am SO looking forward to the rest of it and see how it improves! Masochists REJOICE-this is a program for you if you like to push your limits to the point of almost puking...and trust me, your body will reward you physically and emotionally for all your hard work. Repeat-HARD work!! :)

In Him and Health-Demi Bean

P.S. You think you can handle it? Let me know, and I will HOOK YOU UP! :)

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kelsey said...

i hope this is 3 kicked my butt...