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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crazy day! But a GREAT one at that..

So I will not go into specifics, but today has been nuts for me, but has finally settled down once my hubby comes home. He is my rock and helps me put things into perspective. When negativity enters your life-sometimes you just have to "surgically" remove those things or people. Yes, it can be hard and harsh. But if it serves your family and yourself better-than THAT is what matters most in life. It's better to have 1 or 2 people close to you that have depth and make you a better person and make you feel better about yourself, than to have a bunch of random, high maintenance friends who leave you feeling empty inside. I talked to "my person" and she reminded me of God's love for us, and how we need to live at "peace with everyone" but not be best friends with every single person that is in our life. She also reminded me it's ok to "cut out" the crazies if it's for the better. I love my "inner circle" because they accept me as who I am, don't judge me, and truly love me and care. I thank God for them dearly.

I ended my early evening with KenpoCardioX-and let's just say that is a GREAT stress buster! Who doesn't like to kick and punch the frustrations away?! Let's just say at the end, I felt like a new woman. My sights are set on the prize..the right prize this time.

In Him and Health-Demi

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