Challenge Packs!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Week 6 of the +

Well today was the awesome Upper + and abs/core workout-which I absolutely love! Today was different though...I was able to UP the weight almost on every move, it totally shocked me, I was using my 20 lb dumbbells for almost everything, and barely using an assist on the bar (except for the L's and the 7 point pull-up..that thing is CRAZY!). I am definitely noticing a difference in my arms, and especially my back and legs. Pretty much everything! That's what I love about this program. It just SCREAMS results! And let's face it-if you're not getting results-you are not going to stick to a goal or program. The programs with BeachBody are DIFFERENT, so if you are looking to really make a change in yourself, in your health, and maybe financially...then let me know. I LOVE this business, and I can tell you that they really take care of their "peeps." :)

In Him and Health-Demi

P.S. Isabel is ROCKING an awesome sleep routine! She's finally really back into the groove, sleeping from 830ish until 630ish, and taking 2 naps again, finally! And sometimes the naps are 2 hours! Crazy. I gotta say-I am loving this age, she is just so darn funny and cute, and every day she surprises us with something new. She still can't say "mama", but can pretty much say every other consonant, and even says "lana" for Alana of course. All day long, I'm like, "MOMMMMMA!" HAHA.

Alana has gotten an "E" (for behaviour, stands for "excellent") every day this month at school, and we are SO proud of her. She had some bad marks in the past month for talking during class, so she got all that straightened out. She told me she wants to get an E every day until she graduates! Go ahead girl! She is just growing up so quickly, and sometimes she teaches me new things. It's amazing. She loves Jesus so much too, genuinely, which makes us even prouder as parents that we were able to bring her up that way. We went to Barnes and Noble to get a more age appropriate bible for her, and she loves it! She reads to us now, every night, instead of us reading to her. We are truly blessed with our children and our family. Jason is such a good teacher and father, and I thank God for them every day!


Jade, Half of Me said...

Congratulations on the increased weights - that's fantastic! What an inspiration!

Seeing my children love Jesus and worship Him makes my knees shake :) It's so beautiful to see!

Matt and Brooke said...

Its so good to read that the kiddos are excelling! Sounds like Isabel is liking her new home and is rewarding you for it.

Jen said...

What a fabulous attutide you have Demi!
Your family sounds wonderful..full of love and joy!
I love it that Alana is reading to you and I laughed out loud when you said all day long you're like MOMMMMMAA! ha ha ha
Congrats on upping your weights too! wow..20's!'re gonna end up knocking Dreya out and being Tony's sidekick!! :)

Demi Eliese said...

Thanks girls! Things are really working out, and I thank GOD for routines! :)

And Jen you are so funny! HA-I still don't do pullups like her so being Tony's sidekick will have to wait a bit, haha.

Christina said...

Way to go on your improvements Demi! I've got to get my rear in gear and up my game.

Thanks for posting about your kiddos and hubby... I hope to one day meet them all!!