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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Coach Alert!

Hey guys and gals, just wanted to introduce you to the new coach in our "organization"..Her name is Jessica Noy and she lives in Charlotte, and has an amazing family. She also LOVES Jesus! I think we got a thing going with our team here :) Her official Beachbody site isn't up yet, but her personal family one is, and she is listed on the sidebar. I encourage you to get to know her through her blog-she is beautiful on the inside and out. And she's no stranger to Beachbody either-she's done TurboJam and has reclaimed her body after each of her 4 KIDS! One just being born recently and it was very soon after the birth of the previous baby... this woman is AH-mazing! You can tell by looking at all the pics of her family, her kids, that she is just a great, loving mother and person. If you think that she would make a great coach for you (I know she would) send a comment to her through her blog and I'm sure she will get back to you ASAP. Did I mention she homeschools? And doing P90X?!! She's a machine! Go Jess!

Have you noticed the number of people jumping on the Health bandwagon recently? And with good reason! With gym prices soaring, and people not having the funds for personal training (heLLO-economy!), Beachbody products are the perfect fit for everyone. What are you waiting for?! If it's fitness or a way to make some money, I can help you!

In Him and Healh-Demi


The Noy Maker said...

Thanks for the shout out Demi ;-)

Christina said...

I just now noticed your husband is a coach too! Where have I been and why am I just now knowing this??? I'm so excited for you guys!!

Demi Eliese said...

No problem Jess! You deserve it! :)

Yup-my hubby jumped on the bandwagon too, it helps me immensely administratively, if you know what I mean :). I'm so excited for all of us!!

What's our team name again?? :)