Challenge Packs!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Get Ready for some serious PICS!

This was a "Just Because" photoshoot from the previously mentioned "The Beautiful Mess Photography." They ROCK!


Jen said...

Okay, I'm speechless! And that hardly EVER happens! ha ha...but really, I mean, what can I possibly say after looking at all those pics? You're right---The Beautiful Mess photographers do ROCK....but you my dear...what a gorgous subject to photograph! You look stunning. Your eyes! wow! I bet you've heard that a million times...but they just captivate you. You definitely have every girls dream body. Your hubby is adorable too...but I won't elaborate on that in case my hubby ever happens over here! ha ha
Anyway, I was going to pick one as my favorite...but I just can't. I LOVE SO MANY of them! I will say...(and I really hope this doesn't sound weird or come across the wrong way!) but I was hoping that you were going to have them take a few of your "after P90X" your bikini or we could check out those FAB ABS again! :o) Everytime I see your after pics I am re-motivated to finish out my last 30 days STRONG! :o)

KC said...

Jen..speechless...NEVER! LOL! Just look at the length of that comment. (Just kidding...Love you Jenni girl!)

These pictures of you and your husband are priceless! Totally Amazing Photos!!!!