Challenge Packs!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Womanly Shtuff...(Guys, really, it won't interest you.)

So number 1: I'm NOT pregnant. We are relieved, because we really believe this is just not the right time for us.

Number 2: I had an abnormal pap. Though nothing too serious they said, they did say they will keep an eye on it. Nothing to worry about though.

And number 3-My IUD is still in the right spot. He said he had no idea what I felt, because everything looks perfect. Awesome!


Jen said...

YAY!! Demi I am so glad to hear the good news! I hope the abnormal pap turns out to be nothing eventually too. I've had my share of "those" kind of problems..had to have some pre-cancerous spots removed from my cervix right after I had Grant (they found them while I was prego). Anyway, I'm all good and clear now...but they still watch me closely.
So, if I read between the lines are glad you're not pregnant right now...but plan to be again sometime in the future? How fun!!

Alissa said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better now! I can only imagine the stress. I think we've all had our share of issues... not fun at all!!! Have you decided what you're going to do when you finish this round of P90X?

KC said...

That must be such a relief on all three counts. I can't even imagine how stressful that must have been. Glad to know you are doing well.