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Friday, March 13, 2009

Beachbody Fast-Day 2

Water is my friend, my ally, my saving grace. I know right now, my intestinal tract is regulating itself even more, my liver and kidneys are being given a much needed rest, and I know extra water weight is being expelled. Fasts, I think, are never easy..but for Christians..we also have an extra fighting power-PRAYER! They should add that to the instruction label on the fast, LOL. So today, I'm fasting for healing of my little girls kidneys, and for my family and marriage. This is much easier when God is involved.

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J. Branson said...

Prayer is absolutely powerful! Great point....Demi, you have been a great motivation to all of us P90X-ers and with that power you possess it can only be brought big time for your little one. God is with you always.

For any marriage, I can highly, highly recommend material from Marriage Today ( Jimmy Evans has an amazing gift from God with regards to marriage. He's was also our Senior Pastor and now Sr. Elder at our church...Christina and I taught a semester on his book Our Secret Paradise which is an amazing book. Check it out!
Our prayers are with you and all marriages!!