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Saturday, February 21, 2009

We're Back!!

And it's 1 am, and after over 15 hours of travel today, I am giving you this blog post. I must be crazy! :)

Just wanted to let ya'll know (quickly) that we had an AMAZING time, Costa Rica is BEAUTIFUL and my husband just absolutely ROCKS! We had a wonderful time of reconnecting and just having fun seeing new things together. More pics and more info to come-when my eyes aren't half shut from being so tired! ::yawn!::

Thank you for all your prayers for safe travels-we had such an easy travel experience with the airports and customs, everything was on time and no luggage lost! Plus-we came back with no injuries and in one piece :).

Love you all and good night!

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joanna said...

SO glad you are back safe and sound and you had a good trip! Your pics are amazing, btw. Mike and I thinking of starting the same workout you did....might need to call you for some inspiration. xoxoxo Miss you girl!!!!