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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shoulders, Arms, and Ab ripper. Kenpo a couple hours lata

Yeah, I probably did a little much today, but I felt good..I always take advantage and do doubles on days I feel great. I've noticed my boobs have serious shrinkage problems since being on this program..but it's worth it. 2 words: Miracle bra! :)

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Jen said...

WOW!!! Shoulders & Arms AND Ab Ripper AND Kenpo????? You're a machine!! :o)
I like it!
I did almost the same thing! I did 1 hr. kickboxing, 1 hr. Zumba and 15 min. power abs all at the gym. YAY!
Good thing too because we stopped at Krispy Kreme today and I had a hot glazed one right off the conveyor belt! YIKES!
Ps. I am so with you on the boob thing. I have always had BIG boobs...and now I just have average boobs...but to my hubby they seem little. It's very weird to have extra space in my bras now. Maybe I should try the miracle bra. Is that at Victoria Secret?