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Monday, February 2, 2009

That's Isabel's newest word. Forever I thought she was just babbling, but she is in fact saying, "No." And it's not just one time. It's "No,NO, NO, NO, NO, NO,NO!" It usually happens when we are trying to save her from something that could hurt her; like bumping her head when she tries to get in our entertainment center to mess the with dials, or stick her finger in a socket that was somehow overlooked with our awesome babyproofing skills..NOT. Anywho, she has started to say "mama" and of course "dada" (all the time!) and lala's, nanana, baba, and fafa. She's certaintly a talker is all I gotta say.

Time to start getting ready for legs, back and abripper. YAY!

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Jen said...

Awww...I miss those baby days. My "baby" is 4 1/2 now. He says most things correctly but there are still a few he gets mixed up on. He says "yo-grit" instead of "yogurt" which is cute...
Anyway, enjoy your baby!