Challenge Packs!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Plyometrics-Phase 3


Plyometrics. What is it, you ask? Jump training. And not just 10-12 reps of box jumping and you're done..1 full friggin' hour of it. By the, actually by the middle, you feel like puking, your legs are on fire..but for some reason, you keep going. It's amazing what your body can go through.

Then you have a recovery drink. Whether it's one through the system-or whatever you choose to repair your body in those crucial 15-60 minutes post workout, you feel fine again. Amazing.

Clothes start feeling looser. You feel more "sprite." Your day suddenly just got alot more productive.

My point is: Don't believe that the state you are in, is it forever. You can change it. It just takes heart, determination, and guts. Leave your blood, sweat and tears on your workout mat. Don't fuel your body with garbage.

Eat to Live, NOT live to eat.

God Bless.


Jen said...

really? Recovery drinks actually work? We have the P90X hubby drinks it. I have had it once but I'm not an orange-sherbet kind of girl..and that's what it tastes like to me. But if it really does help, maybe I'll try it again. I know today my hamstrngs and glutes are WASTED! It hurts to sit. If you don't use the P90X stuff..what else do you use? And where do you get it?

Christina said...

My husband and I us Aftershock Recovery drink (wild berry flavor) by Myogenix. It really helps us!