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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Week 1-Complete!

Well, almost. Tomorrow I have stretchX. And I think my body reeeeaally needs it after this past week!

I went back to the scale in my bathroom. I couldn't resist. I weighed myself. 2 lbs lost!! Ok, I know, it may be water weight (or sweat weight I should say) but for this momma it gives me affirmation that I am working hard, and eating the diet as it says I should. "It" being P90X btw, in case you didn't know :).

I'm going to say this alot, but I LOVE this program. It's not for pansies, Tony Horton is a freak of nature. And so are some of the ones you see on the videos. This program fits in with my needs, being a mother (1 being 6, and the other 7 months old), and knowing that I don't have to get dressed, the baby dressed, diaper bag packed, and driving to the gym. That, my friend, is a pain in the ass! Now, I can workout in whatever covers my jiggly parts (boobs) and anything that covers the rest of me. No combing hair. No makeup. Just sweat. And I love it!All while the baby (usually!) is taking her morning nap. It's a beautiful thing.

EDIT: I just did KENPO for the first time today and LOVED it! So much fun and I sweated a TON so I know I burned mega calories! YAY.

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life in a positive direction said...

I'm so proud of you. Please keep me on track with my diet. I hate cooking new meals. Anyway-you rock.