Challenge Packs!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Once (maybe!) twice I week I will be doing doubles with the P90X system: aka (for me) doing cardio in the AM on an empty stomach, and then doing the strength CD later in the day. Cardio on an empty stomach sure does suck, but it definately torches calories like a mutha.

I've been pretty sore all week, so hopefully it will lessen as the program continues. I'll be done with my first week in a couple days!

On another note: My computer completely crapped out on me. So I'm sneaking posts on my husband's computer when he's not on it, which is rare. So you might see a decline in posting.

Tip of the week: DO YOUR DEVOTIONS. This is more for me, but if you're lagging in that area, just do it. Trust me, it will make your week much more joy filled. :)

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