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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Today is a pretty "blah" day..overcast skies (though it's not cold at all), and quietness for me in this house since Isabel is taking her nap. Her nap schedule has been all over the place recently. It's gotta be a growth spurt or something. We've recently upped her formula to 7 ounces every 4 hours, with 2 "solid" meals on most days. Some days it's all milk for her, and she doesn't mind it one bit. But gosh, the napping situation, aah! For the most part she will take 2 naps. 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon; ranging from 1-2 hours each. Now, it's more like 1 2 hour nap in the am'ish, and then a catnap of like, 20 minutes in the pm. I guess I will just have to adjust to her new schedule, because how are going to force a baby to sleep anyways?? If she's awake and brighteyed, it's out of the crib for her. She sleeps great at night though, which I think is more important anyways, at least for the family! She is an early riser though (5am'ish) so that's a bit exhausting. We've tried to get her to stay up a bit later, but as soon as 7pm rolls around-she's out. No matter where she's at. She can be in her bouncer, and it's like someone hit a switch and just put her to sleep. So, that's just how we roll right now with the infant.

Alana is doing wonderful btw! She is such a great reader now, and she's finally nailing down alphabetical order (that was her weakness-BIGTIME). She always gets in trouble though for talking and "socializing" (as her teacher said), and this doesn't surprise me one bit. She's a social butterfly and is chock full of street smarts. Everyone in her class LOVES her so I know she's the "cool" one in class, and at least I know she's not getting picked on. I was always getting picked on in school when I was her age, and it is not a fun thing to go through. My prayer for Alana ever since she's started school has included "Lord, Please don't let anyone pick on her, ever!" So I guess He is faithful in that promise for me. :)

So enough of the kids and back to P90X! Ha. Today was a rest day, but I did kenpo in the am. I just loooove it. So much fun, I feel like Jennifer Garner kicking someone's ass and who wouldn't like feeling like that. Anyone comes at me, better watch out, you will get a jab, hook, uppercut, and a swift kick to you! HA!

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life in a positive direction said...

I'll bet you are loving your rest day. So you started on a Thursday. That may be hard for us to migrate our schedules together since there is a 4 day difference. EEK. Anyway-I am so proud of Alana!!! That is awesome. Good luck with Isabel and hopefully she'll start coming around to a schedule that is a little nicer for you;)