Challenge Packs!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Start of Week 2

Today was actually a GREAT workout. The first time I did this workout (chest and back, and AB ripper)..It wasn't too pleasant. But this time, I actually got through all the pushups without going on my knees at all, and finish the sets with the number of reps I had in my head. Last time, I was on my knees ALOT for the pushups, and I could never get past 10 or 12. This time, I actually made it to 20 for most exercises. YAY.

As far as AB ripper..I am almost there with being able to complete all the moves with perfect form. The ones that always mess me up are "crunchy frog" and this one other one, I forget the name. All I know is that my abs are BUUURNING afterwards so I know it's gotta be doing something up in there!

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life in a positive direction said...

You are pushup queen!!! My goal is always 10 and I pray to make it every time...rare, very rare. And way to go with the ab ripper...I am way proud of you with the P90X!!!