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Friday, December 12, 2008

2 lists for you to read and love :)

Things I am currently loving:

1) Water-it covers a multitude of sins :)

2) P90X-DUH!

3) Black tights-again, covers a multitude of sins

4) My favorite Lucky jeans-they finally fit again!

5) Our house. It will be rented out soon, :(

6) Our prelit Christmas tree-20 minutes and we're done, gotta love that!

7) My parents. They will take our awesome kids on the drop of a hat so me and J can have a date. That's a wonderful thing.

Things that are currently getting on my nerves:

1) Doing cardio on empty belly. I'm getting used to it, but man, I wish I could eat some carbs before hand.

2) The fact that my carb intake is restricted right now. I effing HATE that. I LOVE carbs. Right now my dream is to rub bagels and bread all over my body.

3) Text messaging. I have a ghetto phone. I don't have one of those fancy keyboard esque phones. It takes fooorever and a day to send out a text from it.

4) The economy. I'm seeing it hurt people. I'm seeing it hurt us. And that sucks.

5) Pressure about Christmas presents. EEk. I LOVE giving, so this year it really hurts me that we can't give as much as we'd like. Emphasis this year will be on quality time with quality people. Time with people you love is always the best gift.

6) Plyometrics. For an hour. The sh*t sucks majorly. But I have noticed a little lift in my buttocks region already so that motivates me to do it again, and again, and again.

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