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Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm having a hard time with something else..

My parents are taking care of the kiddos today.

Both of them.

That means little 7 month Isabel is going to be gone for 2 DAYS! She's never left my side since she's been born.

I'm used to Alana being gone, I mean, she's almost 7 years old. So it's a bit different. But the baby...God help me today. This weekend I can't let this lose my focus..which is to spend lots of quality time with my hubby. And sleeping in! It will be healthy, and we'll have lots of fun, I know it.

But I'm missing my kids terribly and they just left 15 minutes ago! aaah!

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life in a positive direction said...

Hope you did well this weekend and that y'all had a blast having crazy alone time together!!! Call me later. Love ya!