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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Alrighty, sinus infection, I'm going to beat your ass

I'm not giving in. I did my YogaX today, and haven't missed a day of this "Recovery Week." Woohoo! For me, this week has been the hardest, because of my sickness. But I feel I am on the healing end of things, so I'm PUMPED for Phase 2! I definately want to add size to my muscles so I am SO bringing it with the weights and my NEW PULL UP BAR, YEAH! Can't wait!

On the flipside of things, we are SO close to being done with moving in. We still have to clean the house (which will be an all day adventure, I'm sure), and empty our fridge. We are settled in at my 'rents and we actually have alot of "private" space, suprisingly, and I don't feel cramped at all. As long as I can workout and sleep, AND things are CLEAN, I can relax. If you know me, I am pretty OCD about things being organized and dust free, and I have an addiction to lysol wipes. I seriously go through 2 canisters a week, which is probably not good for the environment..but hey, this house is getting more disinfected by the day! My parents are clean-don't get me wrong. Buuuuut, they are not the "white-glove" type, which, I am. Damn military did that to me! I can tell they are loving it though. Last night we played Wii bowling with a couple tequila shots and went to bed. Awesome!

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