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Monday, December 29, 2008

I did it

I did my workout today (Core Synergistics), despite my lingering cold. I think it actually made me feel better, so I'm glad I sucked it up and just did it. I did the bonus round, and alot of the moves I actually did better than the first time I did this workout. Crazy. One thing that I am noticing is a slight lingering pain in my right knee (I noticed it doing towel jumps-and yes, I was landing on my toes.) Not anything to stop working out or anything, but anyone got any tips to make that go away??? I would be so upset if I got a serious injury that required me to stop this program when I'm getting so far into it.

On another note, in about 2 hours I have to take Isa to the Dr. for a nasty test that I'm sure will make her scream her bloody brains out. They have to insert a catheter, then inject some sort of dye to see how it flows in her system-then above all that, put her under an x-ray to see it all. How they are going to make her stay still for all that is a mystery to me-so please pray for things to go smoothly right around 230-4pm today!

Hey Jess-what's the deal with our workouts?? I want to kick your ass in Chest and Back at some point..he he.

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