Challenge Packs!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

30 Day Result Pics

Well, here ya go!

I haven't figured out the art of smiling and flexing at the same time, so that's why my face is so constipated looking.

I regret not taking my measurements in the beginning! I know I lost inches though, because 30 days ago I was wearing size 6-8 jeans, and now I wear a 2-4, depending on brand. All my tops went from large to small. I am starting to see my abs again (thank God!), and my butt is not droopy anymore..nice and perky, and Jason LOVES all of it! And by the way, those bulges on the sides of my hips are NOT fat, it's my running skirt pulled up and tucked in. :) There's a nice toned leg shot thrown in for fun too. ha.

Let's see where month 2 of this program takes us!


Amanda Keller said...

Ok so you look AMAZING!! Your abs are incredible! Girl I'm pretty sure ou can just do P30X!! haha!! You must be super excited with the results so far. Your work is paying off big time! I'm so proud of you. Great way to kick off the new year too! Hope I get to see you tonight to celebrate!

Matt and Brooke said...

The abs are back. When's your next modeling shoot?

Anonymous said...

Hey Demi this is Tanya. Love the blog and all the baby pics of Isabel. Wow you look freakin awesome. Keep it up you hot momma
Love Tanya Hottenstein

Demi Eliese said...

Hey Tanya! Thanks for your sweet comment! Tell Jaylynn I said hello and give her a big hug and kiss for me!!

John said...

Great work...keep it up.

life in a positive direction said...

YOUR PICS ARE AMAZING!!! I can't believe you've had 2 kids and I can't wait for you to train me....sheesh!!!