Challenge Packs!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1 of Phase 2

Wow, that was a hard one. Let me tell you Tony Horton is definately a freak of nature. He actually does a pushup (plyo pushup) where his whole body comes off the ground. Uhm no. I caaannnooot do that. I tried my hardest! And that's all I can do.

The workout was chest, tri's, and shoulders, combined with ab-ripper. SUPER HARD! Friggin' pushups I have never even seen in my life-crazy. And my tri's are burning, still, and I love it! My abs have actually become stronger though, which makes me crazy happy, and I was able to do all the moves. Woohoo! So, Jess..did you do your workout tonight??? :)

And holy moly I will SO have pics to post of our New Years Eve party at Stephen and Jessica's house. We had such a great time, they are just "good people." I am so dead tired, so I'm going to end this poorly typed blog post and say goodnight! :)

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