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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Revised date night

So everyone has date nights right?? Well when you have kids sometimes it can be hard to get sitters and all that. Well what me and Jason have discovered we love doing is doing date night after the kids have fallen asleep. We usually try to actually get out of the house and do dinner, but sometimes sitters fall through or the flippin economy won't allow us that extravagance. We might actually have to do this tonight, and it's actually pretty fun. We usually have martini's and have dance parties in our living room, or in his office. Seriously. Best time ever! Which reminds me, we need more shades in our house! haha!


Katie said...

I know a site that may help...

$30 date night

You'll find date suggestions that are $30 or less, some are even free. You'l even find ideas you can do at home when the kids are asleep.

joanna said...

Hilarious. Just remembering s VERY funny story you shared with me! HA!