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Thursday, November 6, 2008

House-keeping? (In stereotypical latina voice, with knock at door)

I woke up at 830 again today. We had a really goood schedule going as a family waking together at 6 am, and going through the morning routine as a family. Well..that has changed recently. I don't know if she's teething or what, but she has been getting up alot at night, just to cry. She's not hungry or anything, just crying. So we kinda just wait it out until she goes back to needless to say in the am I am TIRED, and Isabel get's to spend a couple hours with Daddy so I can sleeep. Thank goodness, or I would be a zombie!

Today so far, I have cleaned the house and I am already pooped! It's hard to do sometimes because I try to get the cleaning done during her naps, so it's like super fast forward cleaning, with me running like a mad women between brooms, mops, and the washing machine doing laundry. It's seriously insane. I'm going to videoblog it one day so you can see it. Inneresting stuff!

I love to make the house smell good for my hubby. One thing that I love, love to do is just make him feel warm and welcomed when he walks through that door after work. I know he appreciates it, and while I am no suzie homemaker, I like to give him a taste of it every now and then!

As a stay at home mom, I feel like "keeping house" is taking on a form of it's own. It's no longer a dreadful task, but something I can do for my family. Just the other day, Jason told me that it was really nice coming into bed at night to a bed that is made, looking all nice and fluffy. That was all the thanks I needed. I can start to tell with Alana that she is starting to realize the importance of being clean and organized. One day she'll be a wife and mother and I hope she can take some of these attributes with her.

Some things I do every day no matter what:

-vacuum, sweep the hardwood and tile
-make sure some sort of laundry is always happening
-I know jason HATES dishes in the sink, so I always make sure that the dishes are done!
-beds are made
-always have a well stocked fridge and lots of TP in the bathrooms at all times
-dust his office
-always shower and look nice daily. Even if you aren't going anywhere at all. I know that sounds wierd, but I think this is one of the most important. It will affect your well being and your marriage.

During Isa's second nap (each of her naps is 1 and a half hours long about) I just try to relax and anticipate my husbands arrival. I will light some candels. Adjust lighting. Put on some nice music. I know his days are hectic, so I try to make it as peaceful as possible for him.

Now, trust me, things don't always go as planned every day, but effort is made. And I screw up. Alot. But I learn from those screw ups and try to make up for it. Sometimes I am just plain lazy and just want to lay ono the couch all day. And sometimes I do do that. But they are few and far between when you have kiddies :).


Matt and Brooke said...

Too bad I'm not in Charleston anymore because during that next hour and a half nap, you could come over and help me clean. haha

Daniel and Candice: TBM Photography said...

I love your blog. It makes me happy every day. :)