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Friday, November 7, 2008

Fuuuun mornings..

So no matter what, I cannot sleep past 830 am. And sometimes I wish I can. Date night last night was awesome..just a lil bit sluggish this morning. I think I might actually go to gym to shake it off. Dirty martinis are amazing, especially when Jason makes them. But dang, do you even KNOW how expensive flipping olive juice is??? It's insane.

So this weekend we are off to the Chateu de Robles, or, more appropriately--my mothers house. In north charleston. Fancy, eh? Well we have discovered the secret of having that "vacation" feeling. You just have to stay somewhere other than your house. My parents add to that fantasticness and cook all our meals, and clean up after us. How awesome is that? They EVEN have the Wii Fit (which is totally fun, and I was sore for a whole week from that stinking game!) which is great fun when combined with some red wine. Yeah! Do you know though that Alana beats me on everything! I just do not get it. She'll even beat me on yoga with her insane flexibility. I'm coming for her this weekend, she's gonna get BEAT! (at wii fit yoga!)

Motivation, Mojo, come on just get off your ass! That is what I'm telling myself right now. Off to the gym fatty!

Because no post should be without a fun pic here you go. (see above silliness).

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