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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I don't even know where to begin. Last night history was made. We live in downtown charleston, sc and we were awoken last night at 2 am with a fireworks show. Usually we would be really excited about that kind of thing, but not at 2 am and especially not when it wakes up my kids.

I admit I have had to read my own last blog post, many, many times over. My own "anger" is a tricky little sucker and sometimes hard to keep calm. Anyone that knows me knows that I, like everyone else, have opinions. I just like to say them outloud. I try to make it so it doesn't offend people, but I am not perfect so sometimes I'm sure they do. The Lord is working on that with me every day.

I know there is a purpose for everything under the sun, and I know there is a purpose with Obama being our next President. What it is, I do not know yet, and may never know. I am just really worried about some things that may come into play, and frankly, it really scares me. I hope and pray that congress is on the ethical and moral side of these issues for the next 4 years.

I think why I am so defensive of my Republican party is the fact that I have served, and I know all too well how we are to look at our Commander in Chief. Next to God, I am supposed to look at this person for leadership, and a million other things. I am to salute him, stand at attention, and say, "yes, mr. president, no, mr. president. yes sir, no sir." When I served in the United States Marine Corps, (while I never met any presidents) I did meet some very important people, and just knowing where they stood on many things, I could say with pride, those above words. The military and this nation have alot of my heart, and I worry about them like I worry about my own family. I am so proud to be an American. I know first hand the sacrifice that is made when they sign up to selflessly serve our country. I just hope that our President elect feels the same way.

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