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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The wall

I've hit it many times recently. Walls of any kind need to be pushed through, and broken to make any kind of progress in life. The thing is is that walls are scary, and it's just plain easier to hang out on the side you're on. I can say that I've hung out on the "safe" side of the wall for years at a time. For me breaking through meant going into the Marines when I was 19, and then breaking many physical barriers for me to even finish bootcamp. Another wall for me was my search for God, or more so, His search for me. He cracked at my wall with a tiny chisel until it all came crumbling down and I surrendered myself. Where is your wall? What is holding you back from living your full potential? Do you wear a fake exterior of an eggshell so that no one can get close to you and see your flaws? I think your wall may have a crack in it and is soooooo close to crumbling.

Let it.

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