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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Will i have time for anything else again?!

Ha. Well since Alana' school started, It doesn't seem as such. Our day starts at 6 am and ends at 10 pm. No joke. We have Alana's school, the gym, pick her up, run errands, do misc. shopping, Alana's ballet class, and we have started to have dinner together every night. Then homework, bible study, bath time, maybe some laundry squeezed in there, and then bed. We sound like the freakin partridge family by the sound of that, but I promise you, we are not. And everyday is different of course because Isa's temperement is always a little different. Now she has a bit of the "runnies" with her nose, so she is not too happy with me and the nose sucker. Oh and Isabel has recently started taking a pacy. Probably will pay for that for years to come but oh well it works great now, and maybe she will take a bottle soon, who knows! Like right now I am speed typing while Isa is content by herself playing with her little toys but that last all of a millisecond sometime so consider this blog a blessing to your life! (just kidding! ha). Amazingly the only thing that makes this all work is that we have some sort of family God time every day. I've noticed if we are slack on that, chaos ensues. Oh, and have you ever prayed the armor of God on ya? Let me tell it..there's nothing like starting your day covered in God's armor ready for anything! Reference Ephesians 6:10. So that is all the time I have for now, I have a bunch of great pics of Isa and Alana, and trust me when I get more than 5 minutes I will post them! Isabel is doing great, she's 12 lbs, eating great, and we are starting solids in a couple weeks..maybe. We'll see how she handles it. She is laughing a whole lot, and I mean straight up screaming giggles that I am trying to catch on video so I can post. She also rolls both way now (tummy to back, back to tummy..although back to tummy proves to be the hardest!).

Will be seeing pics soooooon!

Love D, J, A, and I

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life in a positive direction said...

Wow-what a day!!! I know it must be so exhausting getting used to a new schedule-especially when you are used to a shorter one;);) Thank you for the wonderful blog by the way-much appreciated!!!