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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sickness has infiltrated our household

I don't have much time to really explain everything, but long story short-here it goes:

Alana's pneumonia has become increasingly worse-going back to the dr today.

I fell down the stairs this morning. With Isabel in my arms. The poor thing fell from my stupid arms and fell on the floor. Took her to the ped and he reassured me, over and over again that she is ok. Praise the Lord! The only thing that was damaged was my elbows and my backside, and the 'almost' heartattack I had when I saw her little body hit the floor. I'm still trying to recover from that aweful visual.

So back to Alana-please pray. She has had pneumonia 4 times before this one, but this one is definately the worse one yet. Her fever right now is 103. And she is on antibiotics (which they already changed once), narcotic cough meds, and tons of motrin. Usually with her pneumonia, once she pops the antibiotics, it goes away. Which means this one is probably viral, and stubborn. We'll see what happens at the dr's, and I will try to update periodically.

On top of everything, but definately the least important, is that I have come down with a nasty cold/cough. Just icing on the cake. Pray with me and let's get this kicked!!

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