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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My night with Bill Murray

So me and some friends went out to eat tonight at a great Mexican Rest. called "Una Mas." And who do you know walks in..none else than Bill Murray. So the whole dinner we're scheming a plan of how we can get a picture with him. We decide to send over dessert to his table and ask his server if 2 very pregnant girls can get a picture. He enthusiastically says Of course! When he comes over, he ends up sitting down with us for a good bit, telling jokes, and giving me and my other pregnant friend Jenna pointers on child birth. We took some pics, laughed, and he even rubbed our tummies a bit! As he left he made sure to throw some salt on our tummies too and said it was good luck. The NICEST celebrity I have met hands down ever. Good times!

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Daniel & Candice said...

By far the coolest story. Ever. I love it!