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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


God is good!

Yesterday me and Jason celebrated 2 years of marriage..can you beleive that, 2 years!! It feels just like yesterday that we were married! We went to the restaraunt that we had our reception dinner at, The Charleston Grill, and had an AMAZING dinner. The wait staff went completely out of their way and gave us the best table in the place, along with our own 'personalized' dessert from the pastry chef. It was the perfect evening to share with my husband. What's amazing is that he still makes me feel like a love smitten school girl. :)

Today we took Alana to take a placement test for a new private christian school she'll be starting next year. She did so good! She was accepted immediately after taking her test, and we had the chance of meeting her teachers and taking a tour of the grounds. We have been stressing about this for quite some time now, as getting your kid into the right school in Charleston is TOUGH. But as soon as we walked through the doors of that school, we had a definate peace, and we knew that this was going to be the right one for our Alana.



life in a positive direction said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Congrats to ya'll. Also, congrats about Alana!!! That is so wonderful! We love all of you!!!

Daniel & Candice said...

Happy Anniversary.....YAY for Alana!