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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've been a bad, bad, blogger

Here I sit, almost 40 weeks pregnant. And still NO BABY. ;(

It get's frustrating at times. I'm so close, but yet so far. Me and Jason receieved at least 30 phonecalls combined today from our friends asking if there was a baby yet.

It makes me feel good that our friends care so much. This baby will be loved by many!

Now the hard part is just her getting here..please take a moment to say a little prayer for her to come by her due date?? (By Monday..)

So I just noticed that the skin on my belly is a little dry so I'm off to douse it in some oil.

Bye now.

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life in a positive direction said...

We are saying big prayers. I am so giddy for the both of you. I can't imaginge what ya'll are feeling. THIS ANTICIPATION IS KILLING ME!!! Stubborn little thing isn't she!