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Friday, April 25, 2008

Best day eva

Today was simply perfect. My hubby and a friend of his (whose wife is pregnant too, same due date as me) were planning to go golfing today. Instead, they cancelled golfing and decided to take us preggos for a little day of pampering with manicures and pedicures. It was EXACTLY what I needed! And for a little extra fun bonus, they had a charleston rick-shaw pick us up from the nail salon to take us back to the house. It was fun, and the weather was perfect. We told the driver to go over every pothole and if he got us to pop out a baby tonight, we would hunt him down and give him a big fat tip. He certaintly obliged-but no babies yet so we'll see! When we pulled up to the house, both of our nutty husbands were waiting for us with camcorders in hand recording us coming down the street, so funny. To top it all off, we went out to eat, then watched the movie "Baby momma," with them and another friend who joined us. Perfect day, perfect company. And when we got back to the house, 2 of our good friends Chris and Kristen dropped some great food for us to help us out after we have the baby (cuz Lord knows I will NOT be cookin a ton of food for awhile! haha!). Can it get any better that that?? Well if the baby decided to come tonight, that would make it even better! Tomorrow is her due date, so we'll see what happens. I've been having sporadic contractions, getting a little bit more painful each time..but nothing too bad. I haven't really timed anything yet. I remember with Alana I just "knew" when I had to go to the hospital, and I haven't had that feeling yet. Say a prayer for baby Isabel to come soon so we don't have to induce next week! I would love nothing more than for this babe to come into this world on her own timetable, and let her and my body decide when her birthday will be. I know no matter what, it will all work out though, all that matters is a healthy baby and mom-and I know God will give me that. :)

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