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Sunday, January 6, 2008

It's been awhile!

So it has been awhile since I've written. Gotta say it's been hectic on the homefront with the holidays, as I'm sure it's been for everyone. I'm relieved that the holidays are behind us, and we can get in a groove again. What's "getting in a groove" for you? For me, it's having a good nights sleep, waking up at a decent hour, getting a good workout in, spending fun time with Alana and husband, cleaning house, running errands, etc. For you it may be many different, but for me..that is usually what it is. With alot of variance of course. Being a stay at home mom is the most rewarding thing that I think I will ever do, it is simply amazing. To be priviliged enough to spend so much time with my family and not miss certain things, and to have a crazy thing called FREEDOM! But alas, problems most certaintly do find my way. On a not so good day, I will not have had that good nights sleep that I need so badly, I will not be feeling the gym at all due to a neverending sinus infection, I will not feel like cleaning the house because I'm just too friggin' tired, blah blah blah. Oh and then we have the family issues, the drama that wants to creep in, the ENEMY who tries to derail me is simply a daily war that I must battle, with my warriors (my family and friends) by my side. These people are the ones that always have my back, who fight the fight with me, and remind me that this is what life is all about: love. God=love. Love conquers all. aka My battles are already won. Ahhhhh. And you know what, my warriors never quit, never get tired, and are always ready to take on the fight. Because (drum roll please) they have Jesus in their lives. Jesus is showing himself a little more every day through these very people that are my friends, and teaching me a whole heck of alot.

Today was a great day at church. Small group and friends met there, we sat together, and we listened as Jim Caviezal (portrayed Jesus from "Passion of the Christ") shared his experiences with the movie during an interview. It was amazing. This man showed me just how passionate he is about God. He loves Him with such an intensity, that it brought him to tears a couple of times during the interview. He believes in portraying Jesus not only in the movie he was in, but in his daily life. He wants to pursue the harder road following Him..and he doesn't care about ever working in hollywood again. He brought forth an understanding tonight that you can either be "a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ, or you can be a so-so follower of Christ." Which do you want to be?
How is it portrayed in your daily life?
I know in mine, it needs ALOT of work. I feel renewed in a sense of what my purpose and what my drive needs to be for this crazy thing called life to 'work out.' And mind you-I just don't want it to just "work", I want it to be a completely rockin' life that would make Jesus proud when I stand before Him in judgement. I want my life to show that I have a relationship with my Creator, and I love Him. That's it. I love Jesus. I want to love you like I love Jesus. I want to have Jesus's character shown through mine.

We're all works in progress, right? Thank God for that! I thank Him for his patience, His grace, and most of all, His love. What an amazing God we have on OUR side!

Thank you for reading this sort of long post. I like to ramble occasionally and knowing that you read it makes me feel great. :) Have a wonderful evening.

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whitney ann said...

"That's it. I love Jesus. I want to love you like I love Jesus. I want to have Jesus's character shown through mine. "

i love that :) you are the best. love you. the end.