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Monday, December 17, 2007

another 5 lbs...

21 week prenatal appt today...weight is at 140 lbs! That is a 5 lb gain in one month. I started at 125 lbs, so that is a 15 lbs weight gain so far. My doctor assured me this is still totally normal, BUT to start being careful with it because it is on the upper end of the 'normal' range. This is all pretty frustrating to me because with this pregnancy I have been working out pretty vigorously 6 days a week, eating really healthy, and taking the best prenatal vitamins money can buy. I guess my body knows what it's doing when it's packing on the weight, it knows what the baby needs! With Alana I never went to the gym, ate fast food every day, and I was lucky if I ever remembered to take my vitamin. I gained 60 lbs with her (!). That is definetely not in the normal range for my height and build, so I'm trying to not be anywhere near that number. Who knows if my body will listen though. arrgh.

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