Challenge Packs!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


We just got back from Disney World today, and let me tell you, it was awesome! I didn't get to go on many rides due to my pregnancy, but I think I had the better experience of watching everyone else have a good time. Alana was just precious and she kept telling me that it was the best time of her life, so mission is accomplished! Oh and by the way, it was freakin packed! I thought kids went to school in October?? And do not make the mistake of only packing flipflops for walking hours on end. Bring on the ortho's and sneakers!

Also..I am 12 weeks pregnant :). I am starting to finally gain weight, and I'm up to 128 lbs. It's about time, because let me tell you, I've been eating way more than anybody in there right mind should. Also, the gym is just a little bit harder to get to in this condition. I'm looking forward to the supposed energy boost that is supposed to happen in the second trimester!

cravings this week: anything fried. Chedder cheese. spanish olives. pickles. avocadoes. YUM.

dislikes this week: anything that is healthy. dog poop. the fact that I can't wear anything but cotton pants and stretchy shirts since maternity clothes don't fit me yet. body odor from other people. being tired all the time. the fact that I think I have 2 readers on my blog. (haha, its ok because it's a form of therepy for me as well :).

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