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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I had my first dr's appt yesterday and Jason had the awesome oppotunity of watching a dr feel me up for my 'female' exam. He was like, "what are they doing to you??!" it was funny. The appt went well, and all is progressing smoothly. He did say that my uterus feels bigger than what it should be at this time. What does that mean?? Am I having twins? triplets? Am I further along than i think? what is it?! but he left it at that and I am thinking I will have to give birth to a gargantuan tot. That's a far time away so I will try not to think about that part too much-yet.

My morning sickness has pretty much went away, every now and then I will feel a little sick, but I have these things called preggie pops, and they work! Great stuff. Another symptom has taken the morning sickness though-extreme tiredness. I'm not just talking, "oh I feel a little drowsy", I'm talking the 'I will fall asleep standing up' kind of thing. I sat on the couch mid afternoon yesterday to read a bit of a magazine, and before I knew it an hour had past and I was passed out on the couch, magazine on floor. It seems like I can't sleep enough. My dr calls it the 'progesterone sedative' taking effect. It's one of the many hormones that courses through your veins during pregnancy. I am learning to just give in to it when I need to-there's a reason for the way you feel in pregnancy-so I am going to do my body good when I take my many naps during the day.

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