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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Todays a good day because..

For 1: I am 7 weeks pregnant! I still can't believe it's happening, very surreal. The first trimester is taking it's toll on me physically, so I really can't wait for the so called "honeymoon" phase a.k.a. the second trimester, where it's really fun to be pregnant and have a cute little belly and everything is grande. Do you know that I've actually lost weight? Wierd. I weighed 128 lbs before I was pregnant, and now I am down to 120 lbs. Guess it's from all the intimate bathroom moments I've been having. Jason has had to sleep in the guest room for the past 2 nights now because of the aweful allergies I've been having and the 5 or more potty trips I make during the night. I promise him it will get better and we can be husband and wife again in the same bedroom. For those who know Jason know that he might not be the most patient guy around, but with the pregnancy he really stepped up; he spoils me rotten, makes me dinner every day (even though it may come up 5 min later), and the cutest thing is when me and alana are playing, and he's contstantly telling Alana "Be careful with mommy! I don't want you bumping her in the belly and hurting the baby!" A little over paranoid..sure. But sweetly endearing..yes he is.

For 2: Brittany Spears is opening up the Video Music Awards tonight and I'm pulling for her. I know alot of people want her to fail (which is so odd to me), but I hope she does good. Even though she is lipping the performance. Tune in!

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Candice & Daniel said...

hey! haven't heard from you in a while...hope you are feeling better!!!