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Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm already getting slack!

It's been a couple weeks since my last post, things have been crazy here on the homefront. We are in the midst of moving into our house-which you see pictured here. This house isn't just a normal house, it's 150 years old in historic Charleston. Jason has been renovating this house for 3 years! It's amazing all the details and rules you must abide to in order to renovate a historic home in Charleston. We have all the walls painted on the inside, our furniture is moved in, we are just awaiting the infamous "CO"..or Certificate of Occupancy so we can legally live there. We had that inspection yesterday and we failed! Only for very fixable minor details which will be fixed today, so we should have it passed by the end of the week. Keep us in your prayers so that everything goes smoothly and we could move into our dream home! PS-We will be have a major house warming party once we move in, and I want all our friends to be there. I'll keep ya'll posted!

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Candice & Daniel said...


what an amazing home!!! it reminds me of gone with the wind!!! :)