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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some BIG news!

In case you don't know already-me and Jason are having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just found out about this delightful suprise last week and we couldn't be happier! I am still very early, 5 weeks to be exact. The doctor said everything looks great, so we are starting to tell people. I thought I would forget what it would feel like to be pregnant since it's been 5 years..but no, I didn't! I am getting the same ol' nausea and dizzyness, but it's all good! Alana is completely ecstatic and she is going to be the best big sister EVER. :) More info to come in time..! :)

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Candice & Daniel said...

YAY! I am SO thrilled for you guys!! I pray that you have a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby! What a blessing...send my congrats to your husband as well!