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Monday, June 18, 2012

A title. Can't think of anything clever right now.

Whatup bitches. So. I haven't posted in awhile. It's because I've been busier than a stripper in vegas. Speaking of Vegas-I'LL BE THERE THIS WEEK! Woot! But not as a stripper. Its for Beachbody's Annual Summit-basically a ginormous gathering of Coaches, and everyday we learn through breakout sessions (usually hungover), and have parties everynight (causing the hangover'ness). But then at the end, they give away a shitload of money to people that have had amazing transformations and worked their asses off and SO deserve it. It's pretty frekkin awesome. And they end the whole thing with ANOTHER party. I wonder which coach will end up with a tiger in their bathroom? But I we have been in the middle of an epic move. Why is it epic? Because we've been moving and renovating at the same time. WTF. Who does that? Clearly-us. Last night was my first night finally giving in and sleeping in our "new" place, and I drank last night to celebrate..and well yeah that ended well. I fell asleep in the office chair. Awesome. But I have my Shakeology, and I'M GOOD. I swear that stuff has hangover cure in it, somewhere on that ingredient list. Whatever. It works and I won't question it. Are you on Shakeology? Tell me your experience with it in the comments. If you aren't...why the hell not?! Besides curing hangovers in the speed of light, it keeps weightgain at bay, boosts energy and metabolism, and makes your body all sorts of happy. It's vegan too. Well one flavor is. And it happens to be my fave-STRAWBERRY. Word. Get you some HERE! Or click on the friggin huge banner on this blog to get it. Remember to save 15 bucks a month on shipping charges by going on Home Direct (HD). You can cancel at anytime. Seriously you can. And customer service doesn't bitch about it, so if you go on it, be smart and go on HD. So I've been doing Les Mills Pump. I think it may be my fave...shit is hard but doable. And the trainers make funny faces and yell at you in euro accents, while listening to euro techno and country music (??)..hey it's all good. I sweat buckets and it's mostly weight training, which I'm a big fan of. Ok that's it for now. I'll post later after I'm done packing for Vegas and unpacking the house. UGH we have moved 7 times in 6 years. WHY. Anyway-at least we are on the water now-and we have a boat so that makes sense. --DB


JeremyD said...

I can't wait to hear about the, I mean Summit. This is the best blog ever. Especially when it comes to the killer uterus.

Demi Bean said...

hahaa-trust me you will hear ALL about it. :)