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Friday, May 25, 2012

SORENESS. Friend or Foe?

I really do love waking up and feeling sore. I do. Call me a masochist. Whatever. The soreness we experience after workouts are really the body’s natural response to pushing yourself to a higher level of physical activity than it’s normally used to, and a part of our body’s normal process of adaptation. This is an amazing progression in which our body breaks down, then starts the recovery process, heals and rebuilds. As a result, we get stronger (the process of building muscle). We will notice that the soreness usually hits you the second day after your physical activity (DOMS-"Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and after a day or so of uncomfortable soreness, you get progressively better and soon return to feeling your normal self. So this is something that I love to feel-BUT! If the soreness is messing with your sleep patters, you are angry all the time, you lack appetite-THAN it can lead to overtraining. That's a whole 'nother beast so I suggest you let Google help you with that. The following pic is something I won't do. Not that I CAN'T DO IT, because I CAN, (not really), but I still think it's a cool pic. Plus I would be worried about getting ran over. And that would definitely make me sore.
OK-so today is my oldest daughter's graduation day from 4th grade! Bring on the Summer sand and water. Will post more pics laters. -DB

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