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Friday, April 20, 2012

Yeah, I know. It's been awhile.

What can I say? I only write when I feel like it. And I feel like it today. Because today I have embarked on this little doozy.

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset

Today is Day 1.

Yeah. For 21 days I'm going to be drinking some funky green stuff to make me more "alkaline," take some all natural supplements, and eat a wee bit differently. It's supposed to be like, amazeballs for your body and you will feel like a new born baby that just came out of your momma's vagina. It's not a harsh cleanse or detox at all-if you could press control alt. delete on your body, that is what this cleanse will do for you. To be honest-it's 1pm right now. I'm a bit hungry. Not like STARVING. But hungry. I can't even workout for 21 days because all of your energy needs to go to digestion and detox. Well ok then. Some of my friends just finished and they are like balls to the wall happy with their results. Some losing 1-2 lbs a day. That's crazy. And WTF I just started my period. Probably not the best thing to start, but whatev's. And of course Jason bought me wine. auqr98rywiaoher9!!!! Sigh. I don't always Cleanse, but when I do, I use Beachbody's Ultimate Reset. Stay healthy my friends.

Want to cleanse with me? Holler at your girl.

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