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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 7-Ultimate Reset

Today has been a GREAT far. Ha. It was busy-so I think that helped alot. I had to have my 3 year old INTERVIEWED for preschool (??!) and it stressed me out. They took her away and we weren't allowed in the room. Cue mommy anxiety. But she did good! HOORAY she was accepted. This is like collage these days I swear. She'll be taking like full on subjects like art, math, science and social studies. WOW. And she's not even 4 yet. I think she's ready to be challenged though. She is much different than Alana (Alana is a social butterfly and has a "SQUIRREL" type of mentality) while Isabel (my 3 year old) is very focused, introverted, and borderline OCD. She'll take over that classroom LIKE A BOSS.
But back to the Reset. Slept GREAT. Emotions have been stable today-I went shopping and everything without killing someone. Progress. I haven't been hungry at all-sure I look forward to my meals-but I'm not like, STARVING before them. Headaches completely gone, as well as body aches. I recommend that people who start this-take an epsom salt bath every night for 20 minutes to help with the detox and try dry brushing (its supposed to help with detoxing of your skin, which is your bodies largest organ). SO YAY I'M GOOD TODAY! I honestly feel like at the end of this thing, I will still cook the same and everything. We are moving to a place soon that will have room for me to have a garden-so I'll be taking full advantage of that. The way I feel today-is definitely the best I've ever felt physically, and it's only day 7! :)
Till my next moodswing, -DB

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