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Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 4 Ultimate Reset

And HERE WE GO! Another day. Another Reset Breakfast has been consumed. I feel GREAT. I slept like a baby last night, and I have been going to sleep at like 830pm! I'm usually the night owl-not so much anymore. But I'm ok with that. The scale is consistantly dropping-and I know my body is detoxing and cleansing in a safe, gentle, and natural manner. Inflammation is currently being conquered, and water weight is being shed. I feel more focused today, and that is a new thing for this Reset. I hear it just gets better and better every day, which is truly amazing to me. I have to start prepping for lunch already in an hour-since this dish is pretty fiesty-as far as difficulty factor. I mean, not really difficult, just ALOT OF CHOPPING, of a million fresh ingredients omg. My daughter climbed into my bed for her morning cuddle time with mommy, and I told her "Good morning!" in her ear. Her reply? "Mommy, your breath hurts me!" Pfft. Anyway, I shall post more later with something else. Who knows. -DB P.S. I'm in the "Release" phase of this. I AM SOOO RELEASING. Juss sayin.

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