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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The time I sharted in the car

One time a long time ago-last year-I was taking a drive. I was by myself, and I really have no idea where I was going, can't remember. What I DO remember is that I had just had my Shakeology..oh an hour before I was driving to wherever I was going. I thought I had to fart. It wasn't a fart. The odor wouldn't really go away. I had realized the horror at what just happened. Some other "extras" came out as well. Sick. I KNOW. I was completely horrified but THANK THE HEAVENS I was wearing a dress and there was a gas station nearby. I panickly sprinted calmly walked into the gas station and had to throw my now tainted thongs in the garbage and ride home commando. It was so gross. You're welcome.

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