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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Period Anxiety and Phone apps

So I have this app on my phone that I thought would be a good idea to have. It would track my periods, tell me when I was ovulating, and I wouldn't have to give the deer in the headlights look and completely make up a lie when my period gyno doc would ask me the start date of my last period. Because it's on my phone now bitches. I could even tell her the last time I had sex. (It's a feature of the period calendar)
Now not until now I'm kind of second guessing this. I see this day looming on my period app that-no lie-has a BIG RED BAR across tomorrow. Because tomorrow is when the menses start. Great. Now I have looming period anxiety. I'm all crampy and I know the the gates of hell that is my vag will open it's fury unto me for a week, starting tomorrow. I wish I was a little irregular on my schedual or something, but I'm not. I'm like friggin' clockwork. So period app LOVES this fact about me and puts it in my face like "HAHA! Tampon duty starts tomorrow, ho-boat! Sorries!" Ridiculous. I hate you period app. I hate you.

Now WHERE is my chocolate and potato chips and wine?? (period survival kit, just fyi).
Jason helps alot with this part. Well done Jason. I'll say something sweeter NEXT week.


Anna said...

Love that with all the inspiration tough girl posts you slide this one in too and remind us all that you are a lady with the same crap that we all have to deal with but you suck it up and work hard. I need this as I go back to work and try to figure out a time to work out and see my little boy. About to buy P90X and your pics are so inspiring! Thanks!

cj said...

What's the name of the app, I think I want to use it...I am so bad about keeping track of mine.